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We wrote the book (er, curriculum) so you don’t have to

Balfour Yearbook Curriculum-600px

Balfour’s yearbook curriculum is a comprehensive, customizable, Common Core-aligned curriculum for today’s leading yearbook classrooms. This 11-week curriculum includes everything advisers need to teach and assess their yearbook students. Each lesson includes Common Core standards and the lesson’s focus or objective. The instructional sequence directs the teacher through lessons that include both guided activities and independent practice. At the end of each unit, assessments are provided to measure students’ progress. Printed and online resources, such as handouts, worksheets and slideshows, supplement classroom instruction. This resource is the only product specific to yearbook instruction and aligned with Common Core Standards.

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Let’s boost(er) our yearbook sales

By Randy Elliott
Randy Elliott is the West Coast regional vice president for Balfour Yearbooks.

Young adults
Who says that the cheerleaders and football teams are the only folks that can have a booster club? This summer I taught yearbook sales at a couple of summer camps. One of the ideas suggested was for the yearbook staff to create a Booster Club.

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LISTEN: quotable quotes


Do you hear something? Listen closely. Hearing lacks intention; it is passive. Listening, on the other hand, is conscious and active. If you listen, you will hear students saying the most incredible things in the halls and classrooms at your school.

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Saying “Thank You”

The holiday season is the perfect time to show your gratitude. And, saying “thank you” can go a long way in sales. Think of a retailer who offers a loyalty program such as cash-back rewards, airline miles or special discount days. Rewarding buyers with a gift, or even a personal thanks, creates a loyal customer who will buy in the future.

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Think Coverage

Lets get a little bit rowdy-cropped

Your ladder includes Homecoming, the fall play, football, newspaper, English classes. (Pssst! So did last year’s ladder.) Are you doing the same book with a different cover?


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