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Secrets to planning a successful yearbook signing party

Distribution Day
Start planning your signing or distribution party now. Consider when and where it will be held and follow these tips to make it awesome. Read More »

What’s your role on the yearbook staff?

Defining Yearbook Staff Responsibilities
Whether your yearbook is spring, summer or fall delivery, soon you will begin thinking about next year’s staff (if you haven’t already).

Sometimes it is easy to assume that returning students know what they are supposed to be doing in leadership roles just because they have been on staff before. However, teaching students to be leaders is one of the most important tasks an adviser has. Read More »

Honor teachers with an environmental portrait assignment

Environmental portraits capture a person in their surroundings.

Environmental portraits capture a person in their surroundings.

May 4-8 is teacher appreciation week. This is a terrific opportunity to thank and recognize faculty members who are supportive of your journalism program. Read More »

The “elements” of sharing

How'd you do that
Need help with something? Just ask an expert: “How’d you do that?”

Sharing best practices is a time-honored tradition among yearbook advisers. The spring edition of elements magazine answers countless queries ranging from ways to edit proofs to methods of recruiting and retaining leaders. So, what’s in it for you? Read More »

Get recognition for your students’ outstanding photography


Great photography is crucial to a fantastic yearbook. No matter where you are in the production process, photo skills need to continue to be improved and reinforced. There are also numerous school events that provide visually interesting photo opportunities. Read More »