Monthly archives for June, 2015

Quick Guide: goal setting


There are a number of benefits of goal setting. First, it gives you and your staff a track to run on so it is clear where you have to go. By deciding what you want to do, you are forced to set priorities. Read More »

Whose business is it?


Oops. You’ve inherited a staff straight from the movie “Mean Girls.” Now, what? The yearbook classroom should be run like a business. Students are learning valuable life skills and job responsibilities, so running the program in a professional way teaches students how to interact (and not be a bully) once they leave school and enter the workforce. Read More »

Print + Video. Who knew?

BAL4tv students

Does your yearbook deliver in the summer? If so, did you ever wish you could extend yearbook content by covering spring sports, prom, graduation and more? You can! With QR codes you can add coverage PLUS make your yearbook come alive with your school’s custom videos. Read More »

Amp up your yearbook program with summer networking strategies


Many people think summer isn’t a good time for networking. They assume because people tend to go on vacations, attend more personal than school-related activities and focus on family and friends, it’s not a good time to make and maintain professional relationships. But just because people are more relaxed doesn’t mean they don’t want to meet up and exchange ideas. Read More »