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How to create a totally awesome yearbook

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Book bag. Check. √

Pen & Pencils. Check. √

Notebook. Check.

Balfour’s Intensity Workshop. Check. √ Read More »

Evaluate your yearbook theme in 5 easy steps

 Balfour Square-The 5 Rs
 Before your staff launches into this year’s production, use the 5 Rs of Theme Development to evaluate your choice.

It’s a new school year. Be prepared.

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Boy Scouts have known it since 1907: Be Prepared. “Prepared for what?” you may ask.

Anything and everything. Read More »

Why yearbook themes are a “really big deal”

HL Hall blog post

by H. L. Hall
JEA 1995 Yearbook Adviser of the Year

It still makes me cringe. I cringed when the book came out. I still cringe when I think about it.

No Man Is An Island was the theme for the first high school yearbook I advised. The idea was student generated, as it should have been, but it was too general, and it had nothing to do with the school. Read More »

Your guide to a sold-out yearbook

Yearbook Sales Manager Guide

It’s the ultimate goal and highest compliment – a yearbook ‘sell out.’ A Yearbook Sales Manager and simple marketing plan can make all the difference. Balfour is here to help with the promotion and sale of your yearbook, leaving you time to focus on designing a great book.

Balfour’s Yearbook Sales Manager Guide allows you to personalize a strategy that works for YOUR school. The Guide walks you through an entire year of promoting the book.
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