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Custom Signage: Don’t keep your yearbook a secret

Custom Signage

Balfour now offers signage customized specifically for your school or yearbook program. Start the new year off right by creating a buzz. Establish a yearbook presence at your school. Like street pole banners on city streets, a yearbook banner is an effective way to advertise your program and publicize book sales.

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Look! You’re in the Book!

8462 - Klein Oak High

Stratford High School in Houston shows students what page they are on in the yearbook.

It’s the biggest complaint of non-buyers. “Why should I buy? I’m not in the yearbook.” It’s your job to SHOW them they are included so they will WANT to buy. Here’s how you can expertly share yearbook photos. Read More »

It’s time to share fun, stories, spirit

Its time to share

What are you planning for the day before holiday break? Tap into your staff members’ anticipation of a vacation with an activity that captures the holiday spirit and promotes staff interaction. Read More »

Everything you need to teach and grade headline/caption writing

Grading Rubric for Captions

Whether or not you include feature stories or alternative copy in your yearbook, your students will need to write headlines and captions for identification and reference. Read More »

Why yearbook advisers need to make time for building relationships

Linda Ballew

by Linda Ballew
Dow Jones Newspaper Fund
2005 Teacher of the Year

In Three Cups of Tea, journalist David Oliver Relin relates a story about a mountain climber who built schools for girls in Afghanistan. It is an admirable story about an ordinary person who, with character and determination, really changed the world. Mortenson’s autobiography shared a life lesson by relating a local custom. You see, the first time you share tea, you are a stranger. The second time you take tea, you are an honored guest. The third time you share a cup of tea, you become family, and for family, people are willing to do anything, but here’s the crux. Read More »