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White space: It’s nothing

White Space-Header

It is not what your readers are looking for. In fact, they are probably unaware of it. Nonetheless, white space is an important element of design. Read More »

Wrap up yearbook sales with a calling campaign

Wrapping up book sales

The best yearbook is a sold-out yearbook. If you still have copies available for sale, here’s a highly-effective strategy to finish your sales on a high note. It’s easy to do and will yield results in less than a week. Contacting your target audience directly bridges the gap between the yearbook and the needs of the potential buyer. Personal contact will increase your book sales. Read More »

Colophon – Let’s be clear

Colophon header

Colophon (ˈkäləfən,-ˌfän) Still can’t pronounce it? That’s OK. Click here, then click on the speaker. More important, what is a colophon and what does it do? Read More »

Extend coverage with a year-in-review insert


As the end of the 2015-16 school year draws near, your yearbook staff may have already considered covering historical news and events that occurred this year. However, you may not have the time or resources to cover national news stories and feature photographs of celebrities and notable people. Read More »

Share the {yearbook} love


In elementary school, there was always a Valentine’s Day party. Each student decorated a shoe box and exchanged cards. Everyone left with a stack of friendly love notes and a lot of candy.

Yearbook staffs enjoy doing these activities as much as elementary school kids. Hosting a Valentine’s Day activity is a fun way for the staff to bond and celebrate their love for yearbooks. Here’s a new game to try for this year.
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