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Nobody’s perfect: 12 editing & proofreading tips

Nobody is Perfect

Every trade and profession has guidelines that can be stated in bumper sticker-like clarity.

Accounting:  Debits on the left, credits on the right.
Mechanics:  Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.
Landscaping:  Green side up.
Carpentry:  Measure twice. Cut once.

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Connect with us: Learn and have fun with social media

Let's get social

Our social media channels are targeted specifically for yearbook advisers and staffs. If you have an interest in yearbook education, coverage & design or photography, Balfour Yearbooks’ social media accounts are an entertaining way to learn — and share the love of all things yearbook.

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Ultimate Guide: 14-day social media marketing campaign

If you and your staff are super-busy creating the yearbook and don’t have time to brainstorm a social media campaign, no worries! We’ve created a 14-day marketing promotion just for you. Add your own photos, fill in the blanks and post. SNAP. You’re done!
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