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Got stage fright? Here’s how to get great performance photos


Stage Fright

Here’s the assignment: photograph in total darkness, stop action and don’t use a flash. By the way, you may only have one chance to get the photos. Welcome to the world of high school stage productions!

Even with the limitations, you can get incredible photos by following a few guidelines: Read More »

Balance yearbook coverage with ‘Me’ and ‘Us’ experiences

Event and Team Yearbook Coverage

When people are alone they tend to think, contemplate and observe their surroundings. On the other hand, working as part of a team, whether in classrooms, or on stages and fields, students have a commitment to one another that impacts their perspective.

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Enter to win in the Great Shot Photo Contest

March_22_Customer CC_Image-v1

What separates a snapshot from a really great image? The story it captures. It’s without question: The more emotion a photo conveys, the bigger the story it has to tell. Whether it’s enthusiasm or exasperation, surprise or sorrow, passion or pain – it is an attention-getter.

Share your visual stories.  Read More »

9 Balfour yearbooks earn Gold and Silver Crowns


Nine yearbooks published by Balfour earned Crown awards from Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) this week. Seven yearbooks earned Silver Crown awards, with two books earning Gold Crowns during the Spring Convention in New York City.

Six high school and middle school Balfour yearbooks were named Silver Crowns at today’s closing ceremony during the Student Awards Convocation at Columbia University.

The college Crowns were announced earlier in the week and one college yearbook was named a Silver crown, with two Balfour yearbooks earning Gold Crowns. Three out of the four CSPA College Crown Finalists were yearbooks published by Balfour.

The Crown Awards are the highest recognition given by CSPA for overall excellence in scholastic journalism.

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Way to go! Motivation via appreciation

Way to Go-Header
It’s that time of the year. Inertia has set in and your students are stuck. (Metaphorically, the gas is no longer getting to the engine.) At this point, an adviser’s encouragement only goes so far. Read More »