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Index: it’s more than names and numbers

Index Header

The yearbook index. It’s where you go to count how many pages you’re on. Ideally, it is also an accurate and reader-friendly reference tool. Columns and columns of names, ads, sports, clubs, classes and events, however, do not add to coverage. To expand the index as a reference tool, include group shots run along the top, bottom and/or sides of the spreads. (Index these pictures too.)

By including business ads in the index, it becomes a vehicle to generate money. Need more money? Try auctioning off divider letters to students whose names begin with the letters.

Index Balfour Square
The possibilities are endless: social media; local, state, national and international events; codes; and more. If possible, design the index using the visual motifs used in the theme design.

See our Balfour Square handout showcasing index examples and for more helpful information read our blog post, ‘8 ways to make sure your index is not ‘just a list of names’.


Your principal is your yearbook’s best salesperson

Make it a yearbook sell-out

Make sure your buyers realize when their last opportunity to buy a yearbook is approaching. You can do this by reminding parents with a voicemail from your school’s principal. A message from a school authority figure resonates with parents.
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Need money? TeamWorks works


Every successful organization does fundraising at one time or another. Whether it’s your own yearbook or another organization at your school, Balfour is here to help with a super-easy solution for your next fundraising campaign. Read More »