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4 smart strategies for increasing yearbook sales

Lamar Middle School

Lamar Middle School yearbook staff celebrates successful sales.

Ever wonder how some schools increase yearbook sales? Well, the secret’s out! We’ve asked for advice from our top-performing schools. Here are four strategies these advisers used to sell more yearbooks this school year. Read More »

Amp up your yearbook distribution

Distribution Party

The editor leans against the table faking nonchalance. The nervous energy in the room runs like electrical sparks to the staff members’ hands and feet making them twitch. Finally uncovered, the staff greets the new arrival with cheers and shrieks. The yearbook is here. Read More »

Stop the action! Give spring sports your best shot


Stop the action

To transition from poorly lit gymnasiums to sunny outdoor venues, turn down your ISO and crank up your shutter speed. Student photographers will often set their cameras in full automatic mode or in a preset labeled “sports” or “action.” While these may work sometimes, it’s best to go semi-manual in aperture priority mode with the lowest f-stop selected, like f2.8 or f4.0.

Think about location. Read More »

You could win $500 in our photo contest!


Balfour’s Great Shot Photo Contest has begun! And this time the assignment is Emotion.

No matter where you are in the production process, photo skills need to continue to be improved and reinforced. For interesting photo opportunities, school events provide the actions and reactions of students and staff.

If you are looking for ways to showcase, reinforce and reward photo skills, enter Balfour’s Great Shot Photo Contest. Deadline to enter is April 22.

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What now? Use end-of-the-year projects to motivate students

End-of-Year projects

What’s that saying about idle hands? It’s not what you want to face the last quarter of the school year. When the book is done, keep the staff busy doing useful work. Read More »