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Form AND function: Tips for smart type selection

Colophon_Type Selection Header

Robert Bringhurst, in “The Elements of Typographic Style,” wrote, “Typography exists to honor content.” Type selection helps create the personality of the book and directs the reader from one area of content to the next. Therefore, no typefaces are selected because they’re pretty or because they’re new; they are selected because they work.

There are three basic considerations when selecting type:
• an emphasis font that reflects the theme concept
• a readable font for body copy (usually serif)
• a contrasting font for headlines, secondary heads and/or captions (usually sans serif)

By selecting a type family, you have a collection of related typefaces which share common design traits and a common name, but have variations in weight (regular, bold, light) and width (regular, condensed).

An emphasis font, on the other hand, ties to the theme and creates continuity. It first appears on the cover and continues on the endsheets and theme pages. It creates a unified presentation when used in headline and secondary coverage design.

There’s no single formula for choosing the right fonts for your book – try them out to see what works, and compare them.

Want to learn more? You’ll find a great overview of typography here.

Year-end: Clean Up, Clean Up


“Barney & Friends,” a PBS series which ran from 1992-2009, featured a purple anthropomorphic tyrannosaurus rex. You may remember his clean-up song: “Clean up clean up everybody everywhere. Clean up clean up everybody do your share.” Have your staff sing along with Barney’s signature song as they clean out closets, cabinets and cubbies (they’ll be just irritated enough to stay focused). Read More »

Here’s why grid sales will help you sell more yearbook ads

Advantage - Ad Grid System
Using a grid system, have your staff sell space in your advertising section rather than pieces of a page. This will make the time and effort of selling and designing your ads worthwhile. Because businesses buy advertising by the column inch in professional publications, you can align with the rest of the industry by selling space.
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The 5 R’s of theme development

think theme

Think theme. When was the last time you saw a reel of film? Most theaters use digital projectors and movies are distributed to them on magnetic hard drives. (Teachers gave up film decades ago.) Read More »

Yearbook staff add-ons: the YSM, the SMM and the Ghostbuster

Yearbook Add-Ons

Whether you organize your staff by sections (sports, student life, academics, etc.) or function (copy, design, photography), consider adding a few critical positions to your staff.

Too often students and parents aren’t aware of the yearbook sale until it’s too late. Read More »