7 superb ways to sell next year’s yearbook NOW!

Lancaster High School yearbook staff

Lancaster High School yearbook staff

Yearbook adviser Colleen Wenger at Lancaster High School in Ohio recommends these 7 steps to presale next year’s yearbooks during your spring distribution party.

In the past, Lancaster yearbook staff students have sold 20% of their total presale orders of the FOLLOWING YEAR’S yearbook during THIS YEAR’S distribution day party.

1. If next year’s book is purchased that day, the student receives free name stamping.

2. If a parent brings in an old yearbook, he/ she receives $10 off the purchase of next year’s yearbook.

3. A preorder flyer to purchase next year’s yearbook is placed in each yearbook distributed.

4. Students who attend the Yearbook Distribution Party can pick up their copy of this year’s yearbook AND preorder their next one.

5. Popcorn, music and decorations added FUN to the event.

6. The yearbook staff collaborates with the other clubs and sets up a bake sale and refreshments.

7. Advertise the event with posters, school video announcements, parent and community email and a Facebook event page.

Lancaster High School’s yearbook can be purchased here.