Amp up your yearbook distribution

Distribution Party

The editor leans against the table faking nonchalance. The nervous energy in the room runs like electrical sparks to the staff members’ hands and feet making them twitch. Finally uncovered, the staff greets the new arrival with cheers and shrieks. The yearbook is here.

Pass the excitement on. Two weeks before delivery, create a buzz and an air of anticipation by teasing students on social media sites. Give sneak peeks of the book by posting spreads, pictures, questions, videos and stories. Here are just a few of the media possibilities for a great teaser campaign:

  • Links to and YouTube
  • District, school and/or yearbook websites
  • District, school and/or yearbook Facebook pages
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Vine

Profit from the buzz. Keep the book in front of the student body via social media to increase excitement and generate sales, both for this year and next (tip: insert an order form/flyer for next year’s book in every copy of this year’s book that you hand out).

Click here for three promotional, foolproof tips for your distribution day event. Congratulations, and have a fun day!