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Picture Perfect Opportunity



With hundreds of students filing through one location in one day, Picture Day is the perfect opportunity to snag some extra coverage for the yearbook.

Just think — in one day, you could knock out all of the people section coverage. It’s an ideal way to ensure you get other kids in the book — the ones not involved in clubs and sports. You could:

  • Ask poll questions
  • Ask questions for fun sidebars and secondary coverage
  • Take candid pictures
  • Take fun mugs for sidebars

It’s also an opportunity for the yearbook staff and the Journalism students to hone their interviewing skills. And it’s a great chance for photographers and photojournalism classes to capture the day and snap profile shots and mugs.

See this checklist for some suggestions on how to prepare for Picture Day.

ISO basics

by Mark Murray
Mark Murray is Director of Technical Services and Systems Integration at Arlington ISD in Texas.


In addition to controlling shutter speed and aperture on a camera, it is important for the photographer to understand and control the ISO as well. ISO is the designation for the International Organization for Standardization. This group sets worldwide standards for everything from standard tuning frequency for acoustics to the location of holes in three-holed paper.
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