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NBYYD 2017: And the winners are…

Another successful National Buy Your Yearbook Day has come and gone, and we are excited to announce our 2017 winners! We were inspired and impressed by the extent to which your staffs are promoting the yearbook on your campus. Since we had so many excellent entries, we decided to not only give away 8 – $100 gift cards, but we are also giving away 8 pizza parties to our honorable mentions!

STAFF SPIRIT (Contest 1)
-Roosevelt Middle School, River Forest, IL
-Timber Creek Elementary, The Woodlands, TX

-HM: Greenway High School, Coleraine, MN
-HM: Klein Forest High School, Houston, TX

WHO’S YOUR PAL? (Contest 2)
-Big Spring High School, Big Spring, TX
-Northern Highlands Regional High School, Allendale, NJ

-HM: Bergen County Technical High School, Paramus, NJ
-HM: Thrall High School, Thrall, TX

-Center Hill High School, Olive Branch, MS
-Tri-Valley High School, Hegins, PA

-HM: Harrisonburg HS, Harrisonburg, VA
-HM: Cy Park High School, Cypress, TX

SPREAD THE WORD! (Contest 4)
-Saguaro High School, Scottsdale, AZ
-Bedford Junior High School, Bedford, TX

-HM: Bridgeland High School, Cypress, TX
-HM: Winnetonka High School, Kansas City, MO


Congratulations to all our winners!


National Buy Your Yearbook Day: Here are the contests!

It’s almost here! National Buy Your Yearbook Day (NBYYD) is Wednesday, October 25th.

We created this day to designate a special time of the school year to focus specifically on yearbook sales and to allow schools to join with other schools in a coordinated national event. Schedule your main yearbook sales period around NBYYD and build excitement and a sense of urgency for the yearbook.

This year we have four contests you can enter. Two lucky winners will be named in each category and will receive a $100 gift card!

CONTEST 1: Staff Spirit

We want to see your staff’s spirit and enthusiasm! Wear your staff shirts and snap a creative photo showing off your love of all things yearbook.



CONTEST 2: Who’s your PAL?

Grab your principal and post a pic of him/her helping your staff promote the yearbook.



CONTEST 3: Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Create a video to help promote your yearbook, and post it on your school’s website or social media page. Send us a link (or tag us) so we can see your hard work. Remember to keep your video short & sweet–and extra points if you make us laugh!


CONTEST 4: Spread the word

How do you promote your yearbook? Show us your best and most creative marketing campaign techniques. These can be created at a very low-cost and include techniques like homemade flyers and posters, sidewalk chalk, and social media posts.


How to enter

You can send us your submissions in two ways:

1) Submit Entries via Social Media: Post your submission on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #GottaGetAYearbook and the category.

2) Submit Entries via email: Entries can be submitted to our email address with your school name and category.

Winners will be announced on Thursday! Learn ways to promote NBYYD on your campus.

Hold a sale on National Buy Your Yearbook Day!

The first week of October was National Yearbook Week, a tradition started back in the ‘80s when Ronald Reagan was president. But National Buy Your Yearbook Day is a Balfour tradition and one of our favorite dates of the year. Oct. 25 is a chance to focus on sales and build excitement about the book.

With two weeks until Oct. 25, the staff has plenty of time to create an awesome marketing plan for National Buy Your Yearbook Day. Here are some fun suggestions:

Get your principal involved. Nothing says yearbook support like your principal showing some love for the staff. Ask your head guy or gal to wear a staff T-shirt on NBYYD or a hold sign saying “Buy your yearbook.” Plan ahead and have the principal record a sales pitch that goes out to parents through the phone system. If you have a broadcast program, have the principal be part of a fun advertisement. Take a picture of the principal with previous copies of the yearbook and add it to Twitter and Instagram.

Recruit your mascot. Don’t let the fun stop with your principal. Convince your mascot to don his uniform for the day and support the yearbook. Have him a wear a placard with the yearbook website or hand out coupons. Take pictures of the mascot holding last year’s yearbook and plaster on social media.

Give a discount or freebie. Offer a cool promotion on NBYYD. Consider a discounted price or a free nameplate or name engraving. Throw in a free icon if they order a nameplate or offer free autograph pages or a YearZine with their book.

Sweeten the award. If you can’t afford a discount or freebie, consider a different type of thank you. Or make this the cherry on top. Ask staffers to donate individually wrapped candy and give a piece to each buyer. Ask online buyers to stop by and pick up their sweet treat.

Consider a giveaway. Let students know anyone who purchases on NBYYD will be entered in a giveaway contest. Draw a name for a free yearbook and if possible, consider smaller prizes too like Starbucks gift cards and colored pencils. Have staffers pool together money for the smaller prizes, all items students could use. Make sure to advertise the giveaway well in advance and be sure to note all previous buyers will be included as well.

Put social media to work. Ryan Gosling yearbooks memes are legendary. Liam Neeson ones aren’t bad either. Use them to get the word out. Use other tweets and posts to remind students of the upcoming sales date and all the fun promotions you’re offering. As students buy books, take their picture and feature on your social media sites. Include the hashtags #GottaGetAYearbook and #NBYYD with your posts.

This is just a start. It’s up to your staff to collaborate on great ideas to help sell your book. Once you have a game plan, let your school know as soon as possible. Build excitement on social media and at school with announcements, posters and other visuals.

It only happens once a year, but it is one of our favorites. Have fun on National Buy Your Yearbook Day!

Selling the Yearbook: 10 proven tips to increase buy rates

The yearbook staff at Inglemoor High School in Kenmore, Wash., paints signs to hang around campus, letting students and parents know yearbooks are on sale.

Advisers and their dedicated staff members think everyone should have a yearbook. You want to share your stellar photos, crystalline words and compelling designs with the world. Every fall, you hang posters in the hallways, stack order forms on the reception desk, then sit back and wait for the orders to pour in. All too often, the response is more a trickle than a flood.

So how do you increase sales? Successful staffs pull out all the stops to reach potential buyers throughout the year. Here’s a sampling of the advice we’ll share in the fall issue of Elements magazine in November.

Interlake High School:

Tip 1: We try to get information out in as many ways as possible:

  • We send home a flyer with the back-to-school mailing.
  • We post our sales information on the school website.
  • We have flyers in the front office and counseling office so that parents stopping in for other business will pick one up.
  • We ask our principal to include our information in her weekly emails to parents.
  • We send emails out to students with sales information.
  • We include sales information in the PTSA newsletters and on their Facebook group page.

Tip 2: We also try to represent as many people and activities in the book as we can.

  • We do spreads on sports that students compete in that are not our school sports, such as crew, rugby, skiing, etc.
  • We try to listen to our students and include features they want and enjoy.

Tip 3: What we do is not earth-shattering, but we try to keep yearbook sales on people’s minds all year long so they are constantly reminded to get it done.

Interlake High School, located in Bellevue Washington, has 1,500 students, and the staff sells 1,000 books. Megan Bennett is the adviser of the book.


Glacier Peak High School

Tip 4: We offer a combo pack with student body cards/yearbook/parking pass for $110. The three things purchased separately would cost $160.  The package offers students a $50 discount.

Tip 5: Several times a year, as a promotion, we post 11”x 14” photos in the hallway and then give them to the students who are pictured.

Tip 6: My Favorite– One week before the book arrives, we hire the FCCLA Club (Our Cooking Club) to make 1500 cookies. We package them in a clear baggie with a ribbon/sticker reflecting our theme on the front. We tie a Sharpie marker on the bag and thank students for purchasing a yearbook. Because they want the cookie and Sharpie, students who were on the fence about purchasing a book, buy the extras we order.

Tip 7: We always do a “Reveal” of the cover for the whole student body at an assembly. This is something our students have really come to look forward to. We hang a banner of the cover in the cafeteria for three weeks before distribution.

Glacier Peak High School, located in Snohomish, Washington, has 1,776 students and the staff sells 1,500 books. Annie Green is the adviser of the book.


Inglemoor High School

Tip 8: We are included in the “back-to-school” letter that my principal mails to all students in the summer. It includes the price and states that yearbooks may be purchased at the back-to-school fair just before school starts. Having this come from the administration and be a part of all the other back-to-school information makes more of an impact on parents than if we sent our own letter.

Tip 9: My staff does a very good job of talking face-to-face with people about buying a yearbook. We have created a culture here that buying a yearbook is just one of those things you do. The majority of students don’t ever consider NOT buying one.

Tip 10: We have a huge “all-school” release party at the end of the year. (This is during the school day.) It is called Viking Day (our mascot) and it’s kind of a year-end party; however, because that is the release day for the yearbook, the whole event just becomes a big yearbook signing party. Students feel really left out by not having a yearbook. This is well-known, so most students are certain to have bought a yearbook ahead of time.

Inglemoor High School, located in Kenmore Washington, has 1,500 students and the staff sells 1,000 books. Zane Mills is the adviser of the book.


Read more from these and other advisers in the upcoming issue of Elements, including tips on selling ads and promoting the yearbook program in your school.




Participate in the largest yearbook sale ever, NBYYD!

National Buy Your Yearbook Day is the perfect time to focus specifically on yearbook sales. Schools across the country join together in a coordinated effort to build excitement about the book and encourage sales.

This year’s National Buy Your Yearbook Day is Wednesday, October 25th.

Here are fun ideas for how to get creative and sell books:

  • -Plaster the school with signs, banners and flyers promoting NBYYD and yearbook sales.
  • -Wrap slips around the candy in the vending machines or at the concession stand that have the yearbook price and where to buy.
  • -Offer a “special” to students buying on NBYYD. Consider complimentary nameplates/name stamping or a discounted price. Remind everyone the special deal is for this one day only to promote a sense of urgency to buy.
  • -Promote the sale with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts in the weeks before. Throughout the day on the 25th, remind people about the sale and feature students buying their books.
  • -Give an inexpensive piece of candy with on-campus orders with a message saying “Thanks for being so sweet and buying your yearbook!”

We’re holding contests and awarding prizes every hour to staffs with the best sales techniques, selling ideas and overall enthusiasm for NBYYD. Share anything that captures the yearbook’s place in your community: your yearbook staff space, staff antics or fun, unusual sales campaigns or promotions – anything that shows what being a part of the yearbook staff means to you.