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4 smart strategies for increasing yearbook sales

Lamar Middle School

Lamar Middle School yearbook staff celebrates successful sales.

Ever wonder how some schools increase yearbook sales? Well, the secret’s out! We’ve asked for advice from our top-performing schools. Here are four strategies these advisers used to sell more yearbooks this school year. Read More »

Amp up your yearbook distribution

Distribution Party

The editor leans against the table faking nonchalance. The nervous energy in the room runs like electrical sparks to the staff members’ hands and feet making them twitch. Finally uncovered, the staff greets the new arrival with cheers and shrieks. The yearbook is here. Read More »

3 foolproof tips for promoting your distribution day event

Promote Your Yearbook_Blog Post

It’s time to start planning and promoting your signing or distribution party now. As you plan your event, remember these three success factors: Creating Excitement, Alerting Parents and Offering Incentives. Read More »

Your principal is your yearbook’s best salesperson

Make it a yearbook sell-out

Make sure your buyers realize when their last opportunity to buy a yearbook is approaching. You can do this by reminding parents with a voicemail from your school’s principal. A message from a school authority figure resonates with parents.
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Wrap up yearbook sales with a calling campaign

Wrapping up book sales

The best yearbook is a sold-out yearbook. If you still have copies available for sale, here’s a highly-effective strategy to finish your sales on a high note. It’s easy to do and will yield results in less than a week. Contacting your target audience directly bridges the gap between the yearbook and the needs of the potential buyer. Personal contact will increase your book sales. Read More »