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Your perfect yearbook plug-in


BalfourTools® and Adobe InDesign® go hand in hand. They are two parts of the page construction process because BalfourTools makes Adobe InDesign yearbook friendly. It’s the #1 yearbook plug-in for InDesign. Read More »

Effortlessly obtain more photos for the yearbook


Having trouble getting photos of Cross Country? Golf? Field trips? Physics projects?
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It’s all things YEARBOOK…and all things TEXAN

Intensity Workshop Header 2015

Balfour’s Intensity Workshop is a 3-day immersion training in all things YEARBOOK. Yearbook advisers, editors and staff are welcome to attend the workshop, which will be held Saturday, Sept. 26 – Monday, Sept. 28 at the Balfour Yearbook Publishing Plant in Dallas, Texas.

Your classroom time features a lineup of award-winning advisers and Balfour experts who are in tune with industry trends and yearbook award standards. These fine folks will help you and your students polish & refine the plans for the 2016 yearbook. Intensity instructors include:

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How to create a totally awesome yearbook

Intensity Workshop Header

Book bag. Check. √

Pen & Pencils. Check. √

Notebook. Check.

Balfour’s Intensity Workshop. Check. √ Read More »

Print + Video. Who knew?

BAL4tv students

Does your yearbook deliver in the summer? If so, did you ever wish you could extend yearbook content by covering spring sports, prom, graduation and more? You can! With QR codes you can add coverage PLUS make your yearbook come alive with your school’s custom videos. Read More »