Everything you need to teach and grade headline/caption writing

Grading Rubric for Captions

Whether or not you include feature stories or alternative copy in your yearbook, your students will need to write headlines and captions for identification and reference. Well-written headlines draw readers into the content and identify the subject. A well-researched caption, on the other hand, finishes the story the photo has started.

Balfour Headline Rubric_thumb Balfour Caption Rubric_thumb

Both the headline rubric  and the caption rubric list sets of criteria written in four different levels of competence. As self-assessment tools, the rubrics give students clear guidelines to follow.

Balfour Grading Rubric for Headlines_thumb Balfour Grading Rubric for Captions_thumb

The headline grading rubric and the caption grading rubric make assessment quicker and clearer, as well as more objective and consistent.

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