Extend coverage with a year-in-review insert


As the end of the 2015-16 school year draws near, your yearbook staff may have already considered covering historical news and events that occurred this year. However, you may not have the time or resources to cover national news stories and feature photographs of celebrities and notable people.

Balfour’s year-in-review inserts can help you extend the coverage of your yearbook by including topical news and sports stories, popular music, movies and TV shows, and trending gadgets.

The year-in-review publications allow you to include historical data relevant to the year with the approved trademark and copyright permissions and licensing. And, it’s all professionally designed in a magazine-style format. We do the work for you!

Balfour offers two year-in-review inserts:

YearZine screenshot

YearZine™ – A 16-page, four-color magazine designed for secondary schools. It highlights the people and events of the school year and covers noteworthy news stories, music, movies, TV, sports, gadgets, books and a summary of highlights from the year.

Rewind screenshot

Rewind – An 8-page, four-color current events magazine oriented for younger students. Rewind covers trending news stories, music, movies, TV, sports and gadgets. The back cover includes a game page.

Contact your Balfour representative for details on how to include a year-in-review insert in your yearbook.