Awesome ideas for fine tuning the yearbook

The Yearbook Proof is inside
This time of year typically comes with numerous pages of proofs to correct. It’s time for everyone on staff to pay attention to the details and help keep the book consistent from cover to cover.

One of the most powerful ways to get students to notice the tiny details is to project pages onto a large screen to see what is working and what isn’t. The staff will discover things they failed to notice on the small computer screen or a printout.

It is valuable to do this as a class. Project at least one spread for each person (or group) and let the staff discuss the spread and offer feedback. This becomes a teachable moment as the entire staff learns from seeing the positive things others are doing as well as noticing the opportunities for improvement. Everyone will notice something that they can apply to their assigned pages. It also provides an opportunity to see how the entire book is shaping up.

Check out these Fine Tuning Tips for critiquing spreads as a group.