Get a great shot, get some cash!

There’s a great thrill in capturing an unexpected fumble or a pick-six on Friday night. Seeing a defensive block with the volleyball in the frame and the player in focus is a win. Snapping the shutter at just the right moment is the difference between a great sports photo and a mediocre one. And it could mean some extra spending cash.

With fall sports in progress, it’s an ideal time to submit action shots for our Great Shot Photo Contest, accepting entries Nov. 13-30. We’re looking for your best photos that show sports, action or movement.

And even better, that’s not our only category! You can also enter photos in a brand new category – Creative Lighting. We’d love to see photos featuring unusual uses of sunlight, artificial light or light in motion.

To improve your chances of winning, make sure:

  • Images are sharp and in focus
  • Faces are visible (for the action category)
  • The ball is in the frame (for sports like tennis, volleyball and football)
  • The photo depicts some type of action, motion or movement (for the action category). Avoid submitting emotion photos for the action category.
  • The photo displays some type of unusual or creative lighting, whether it is flash, sunlight or artificial light (for the creative lighting category)
  • The subject fills most of the frame
  • Photos are not overexposed, underexposed or poor quality (noise, low resolution)

Photographers can enter up to three times a day at our Facebook page (Click the “Great Shot Photo Contest” tab on the left) and vote for their personal favorites.

We’ll feature entries on social media throughout the contest and choose first, second and third place winners as well as several honorable mentions. Photographers will receive certificates and the top three photos will receive Visa gift cards, up to $500.

In addition, the People’s Choice category is back and we’ve added a K-8 division for elementary and middle school students to enter. We’ll pick the top three winners and honorable mentions in the K-8 category as well for certificates and gift cards. And don’t forget, advisers can enter too!

Here’s a flyer to hang in your room to remind photographers to enter. #balfourgreatshot

Good luck shooting!