Hold a sale on National Buy Your Yearbook Day!

The first week of October was National Yearbook Week, a tradition started back in the ‘80s when Ronald Reagan was president. But National Buy Your Yearbook Day is a Balfour tradition and one of our favorite dates of the year. Oct. 25 is a chance to focus on sales and build excitement about the book.

With two weeks until Oct. 25, the staff has plenty of time to create an awesome marketing plan for National Buy Your Yearbook Day. Here are some fun suggestions:

Get your principal involved. Nothing says yearbook support like your principal showing some love for the staff. Ask your head guy or gal to wear a staff T-shirt on NBYYD or a hold sign saying “Buy your yearbook.” Plan ahead and have the principal record a sales pitch that goes out to parents through the phone system. If you have a broadcast program, have the principal be part of a fun advertisement. Take a picture of the principal with previous copies of the yearbook and add it to Twitter and Instagram.

Recruit your mascot. Don’t let the fun stop with your principal. Convince your mascot to don his uniform for the day and support the yearbook. Have him a wear a placard with the yearbook website or hand out coupons. Take pictures of the mascot holding last year’s yearbook and plaster on social media.

Give a discount or freebie. Offer a cool promotion on NBYYD. Consider a discounted price or a free nameplate or name engraving. Throw in a free icon if they order a nameplate or offer free autograph pages or a YearZine with their book.

Sweeten the award. If you can’t afford a discount or freebie, consider a different type of thank you. Or make this the cherry on top. Ask staffers to donate individually wrapped candy and give a piece to each buyer. Ask online buyers to stop by and pick up their sweet treat.

Consider a giveaway. Let students know anyone who purchases on NBYYD will be entered in a giveaway contest. Draw a name for a free yearbook and if possible, consider smaller prizes too like Starbucks gift cards and colored pencils. Have staffers pool together money for the smaller prizes, all items students could use. Make sure to advertise the giveaway well in advance and be sure to note all previous buyers will be included as well.

Put social media to work. Ryan Gosling yearbooks memes are legendary. Liam Neeson ones aren’t bad either. Use them to get the word out. Use other tweets and posts to remind students of the upcoming sales date and all the fun promotions you’re offering. As students buy books, take their picture and feature on your social media sites. Include the hashtags #GottaGetAYearbook and #NBYYD with your posts.

This is just a start. It’s up to your staff to collaborate on great ideas to help sell your book. Once you have a game plan, let your school know as soon as possible. Build excitement on social media and at school with announcements, posters and other visuals.

It only happens once a year, but it is one of our favorites. Have fun on National Buy Your Yearbook Day!