How to create a totally awesome yearbook

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Book bag. Check. √

Pen & Pencils. Check. √

Notebook. Check.

Balfour’s Intensity Workshop. Check. √

Jump-start the year. Improve your designs, photography, coverage and stories by bringing your editors and staff to Balfour’s 3-day training, Saturday-Monday, Sept 26-28.

It will rock your world, your yearbook staff’s world and the 3-day immersion in all-things-yearbook will help you and your staff create the yearbook of your dreams.

Award-winning advisers & Balfour experts, who are in tune with industry trends & yearbook award standards, will help your students polish & refine the plans for their 2016 yearbook.

Register here.

To find out more about Balfour’s Intensity Workshop and if it is suited to your staff’s needs, contact your Balfour representative.