Turn your fans into photographers with ImageShare

When the bulk of a yearbook is photography, it can be stressful ensuring every event is covered. And that stress can be exacerbated when it turns out photos are blurry or poor quality. Having another photo source can relieve some of that stress. ImageShare can help.

A free Balfour app available on iOS and Android mobile devices, ImageShare allows people outside the staff to share photos right from their mobile device. The app is free and available by searching for BalfourImage Share in your app marketplace. It allows anyone in the school community to share photos right from their mobile device. Contributors also have the option of uploading photos from their computer by going to images.balfour.com.

Yearbook photographers can’t be everywhere, so this is a great way to ensure all school events and activities are covered. It’s also a nice back-up when staff photographers miss a crucial shot, have poor images or not enough photos of an event.

As a bonus, the ImageShare app is an opportunity to get students and parents excited about the yearbook. Students are more likely to buy books if they know the games and events they’re at are being covered. Plus, advertising the app is another way to market the book. The more students are reminded about ImageShare, the more they’re reminded about the yearbook.

To get started, advisers should contact their yearbook representative or account executive to set up an ImageShare account. Then, use this customizable ImageShare flyer to spread the word. Note there’s a place on the flyer to fill in your project number and if you choose, an upload code. Your school community will need this information to create an account.

Once they’ve created an account, they can start submitting pictures. Up to five photos can be uploaded at a time and captions can be added as well. Images should be in JPEG or PNG format and must be 20MB or smaller.

The uploaded images are automatically delivered to your school’s StudioWorks+, myYear or BalfourTools yearbook project. Advisers and yearbook staffs can review all the photos and determine which ones will be used in the book.

If you’ve been stressing about yearbook photos, it’s time to relax. Let ImageShare take some of that photo stress away.