It’s 2016: So now what?

2016 So Now What HEADER

Only 12% of people who make resolutions achieve them. Group resolutions won’t fare much better if you don’t have a plan. To create a course of action, have staff members read the resolutions. Then discuss ways to implement them.

Resolve to do some things for the good of the group…

1. We will support each other, especially during deadlines.
2. We will hold each other accountable for work to be done. (This is not solely the adviser and editors’ responsibility.)
3. We will not miss work sessions except for sickness or other extenuating circumstances.
4. We will begin and end work sessions on time.
5. We will help develop some of the underclass staff members into leaders.
6. We will invite and bring new people to work sessions to show them what we do.

Add or subtract resolutions as they pertain to your staff.

In order to have staff members buy into the plan, everyone should contribute to the discussion.

This is a great cooperative learning exercise.