It’s a new school year. Be prepared.

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Boy Scouts have known it since 1907: Be Prepared. “Prepared for what?” you may ask.

Anything and everything.

Have your editors create a binder that contains the following:

  • school system’s and the school’s master calendars
  • schedule of all athletic events (which may or may not be on the master calendar)
  • teachers and their teaching assignments
  • academic schedule (indicating course, room, teacher)
  • students with grade designations
  • coaches with contact information
  • club advisers with contact information
  • portrait photographer(s) contact information
  • yearbook rep’s contact information
  • deadlines
  • Balfour Account Executive’s name and phone number
  • tech help numbers
  • The current year’s business/professional ad information
  • staff members’ names addresses, phone numbers and emails
  • any other essential information

Once the information binder is complete, find a convenient place to put it. It should never leave that place. Keep a note cube by the binder so staff members may write down information without moving it.

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Bonus tip: Use this handy Staff Directory to build a contact list for your staff. Distribute a copy to every staff member.