Celebrate your love for yearbook

In elementary school, there was always a Valentine’s Day party. Each student decorated a shoe box and exchanged cards. Everyone left with a stack of friendly love notes and a lot of candy.

Yearbook staffs love doing this as much as elementary school kids. Hosting a yearbook valentine exchange party is a fun way for the staff to bond and celebrate their love for yearbook. It is also the time of year when everyone needs a little pick-me-up and encouragement.

Even though you will lose some work time, you’ll gain momentum and build a stronger team. This will help your staff (and you) love yearbook even more.

Valentine Exchange in Three Easy Steps

1. Participation:
Get every student to participate. Encourage each staff member to write a friendly note to every other staff member, make a valentine card, or bring in a box of Valentine’s cards from the store. (Target has some for a dollar).

2. Snacks:
Ask each student to bring in a snack or a treat to share.

3. Exchange:
Dedicate some time after school, during your work night this week, or yearbook class on Friday for the exchange. Take it up a notch by providing supplies for students to decorate shoe boxes to use as their mail box.

Bonus tip:
Put a student in charge. This is a perfect activity for someone who is very social or needs something to do.