Organizing the Chaos


Being organized can make a huge difference with staying on deadline and keeping your sanity. Keep track of important documents and info by posting items around the room or filing in a binder.


Essentials to collect:

  • Student directory with names, grades and ID numbers
  • The master schedule with teachers’ rooms, classes and conference periods
  • Club list with sponsor room numbers & contact information
  • Sports’ team schedules, rosters & coaches’ contact information
  • Yearbook deadlines & scheduled workdays
  • Yearbook rep, Account Executive & Tech help phone numbers
  • Portrait dates & photographer’s contact information
  • Staff members’ names, phone numbers & emails


Once this info is gathered, find a permanent, accessible spot to place it. Keep Post-it notes nearby for staff members to write down info without losing the originals or moving the binder. Here’s a handy directory to fill in important numbers and build a contact list for your staff.