Hey, here’s an end-of-the-year assignment idea

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Frequently, advisers ask what to do with their classes when the book is done. Others are looking for an end of the year project or something to use as a final assessment.

One solution is a photo portfolio.

This can be a project or used as a portion of the final exam in yearbook journalism. It works because it requires students to think about the photography in the yearbook and what their contribution was. It could also impact the quality of photography next year because the staff gains a better understanding of photojournalism and how the finished product is affected by both good photos and those with room for improvement.

In the future, attach the Portfolio Project assignment sheet to the syllabus and class information at the start of the semester and provide parents with a copy. By beginning with the end in mind, the portfolios (and photos in the yearbook) will improve every year.

The photo portfolio project could be adapted in many ways or used just for your staff photographers. Students could create digital portfolios, slide shows, or movies featuring their still photography. However you use it, this is a powerful tool for self-evaluation by the students and a great way for the adviser to assess growth from the beginning of the year to the end. It is really interesting to look at each students collected work and hear what they have to say about their own performance in the class.

Photo Portfolio
Click here for the Photo Portfolio assignment sheet.