Print + Video. Who knew?

BAL4tv students

Does your yearbook deliver in the summer? If so, did you ever wish you could extend yearbook content by covering spring sports, prom, graduation and more? You can! With QR codes you can add coverage PLUS make your yearbook come alive with your school’s custom videos. is safe and secure since it requires a login to control your school’s site and content. Your videos cannot be inappropriately publicized or popularized by search engines or public sites. And, your videos live in one place, a dedicated channel for your school and the QR codes are supported for 30 years.

Here’s what some of our advisers had to say about

Why did you decide to use QR Codes in your yearbook?
We switched to a spring delivery and were worried about not providing as much coverage as in the past. Using BAL4. TV codes is one way to address that issue. We can include pictures right up to the end of the school year and upload a video slide show. – Dan Hamilton, Center Line St High School, Center Line, Michigan

Who is more excited about using BAL4.TV, you, your students or both?
I think we all are! It gives us a chance to work with our talented broadcast/video students. I keep thinking about how cool it will be for them in ten, twenty years, when they see and hear themselves and their friends at the events! – Kristi Rathbun, Rock Canyon High School, Littleton, Colorado

How are you using BAL4.TV codes to EXPAND coverage?
Every year my Journalism/Yearbook class creates a 20-30 minute senior video that we show to the student body right before graduation. Until now, only seniors who purchase the DVD had a copy. Now, anyone who purchases a book will be able to access the video. We also plan to include end-of-the-year activities that don’t get covered in our spring delivery book. – Karen Lacross, Calumet High School, Calumet, Michigan

Do you plan to use BAL4.TV again next year?
We are going to work harder to educate senior parents on what they are, because it is a no-brainer to use them in senior ads! We only had two parents use them this year and it will be a money maker if we can make that happen. – Virginia Solomon, Frenship High School, Wokfforth, Texas

What advice would you give other advisers who are considering using BAL4.TV codes?
As in anything with technology – jump in with both feet. You cannot hurt the BAL4.TV codes. Our Balfour reps and tech support are the best at walking you through things. This is our first year with Balfour in a long time, and I have called Tech Support many times. They are always great. Just jump in there and do it. Try it on one or two things and watch it explode. – Karen Beavers, Lawton High School, Lawton, Oklahoma

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