Proofreading preferences


Proofreading is a second chance to examine text for typographical errors. But it’s easy to skim past mistakes in grammar or spellling – ahem, spelling.


Consider the following when proofreading:

  • Take some time away from the copy. Whether it’s 30 minutes or a few days, stepping away makes it easier to recognize mistakes.
  • Proofread from printed pages. It’s more difficult to catch mistakes on a computer screen.
  • Go somewhere quiet.
  • Listen to music or chew gum. Relieve the pressure of being constantly focused, but do it without too much distraction.
  • Avoid proofing under fluorescent lighting. The flicker rate is slower; as a result, it is hard to pick up inconsistencies.
  • Check spelling by using a computer spell check program or reading the text backwards.
  • Consult a student directory to verify name spellings and grades.
  • Don’t proofread if you’re tired.

Bonus tip: Using proofreading marks will help make the editing process smoother and quicker.