Quill and Scroll recognizes the best in yearbook publishing

Quill and Scroll announced the winners of its 2015 Yearbook Excellence Contest recognizing the best in high school yearbook publishing. Students from several Balfour schools received awards for their work as contributors or staff members of a high school yearbook.

The 2015 contest had two enrollment categories: A – 750 or more students; B – 749 or fewer students.

All winners receive National Award Gold Key Charms and are eligible, as seniors, to apply for Edward J. Nell Memorial scholarships or George and Ophelia Gallup awards.

Congratulations to these and all this year’s winners – we’re proud to be working with such talented students!

Category A: 750 or more students

Jersey Village High School
Houston, Texas
Margie Comstock, adviser

Gold Key winners: Christine Le (Personality Profiles), Lesly DeLeon (Academics)

Ridge Point High School
Missouri City, Texas
Susanna Jakubik, adviser

Gold Key winner: Mackenzie Caputo (Student Life Photo)

Southside High School
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Susan Colyer, adviser

Gold Key winners: Andrea Johnson (Sports Action Photo), Lauren Humphrey (Photo Illustration, Sports Action Photo, Student Life, Student Life Photo)

Texas High School
Texarkana, Texas
Rebecca Potter, adviser

Gold Key winners: Alyssa Olalde (Sports Action Photo), Colleen Russell (Index), Emily Meinzer (Graphic Design), Kelsi Brinkmeyer (Feature Photo), Leighton Weber (Caption Writing), Libby Northam (Student Life), Savannah Jordan (Student Life)

Category B: 749 or fewer students

Sedona Red Rock High School
Sedona, Arizona
Maureen Barton, adviser

Gold Key winners: Agustin Lopez (Student Life), Ashley Sutherland (Academic Photo & Theme Development), Valerie Luyckx (Clubs/Organizations and Photo Illustration)

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