Share the {yearbook} love


In elementary school, there was always a Valentine’s Day party. Each student decorated a shoe box and exchanged cards. Everyone left with a stack of friendly love notes and a lot of candy.

Yearbook staffs enjoy doing these activities as much as elementary school kids. Hosting a Valentine’s Day activity is a fun way for the staff to bond and celebrate their love for yearbooks. Here’s a new game to try for this year.

Pour a bag of M&Ms or Skittles in a bowl. Then have students choose their favorite color. Once they all have candy, have everyone who has chosen green stand up. Read the description. Discuss. Do this for every color.

Green- CREATIVE: You are extremely creative and very visual. You appreciate good design. As a result, editors and staff value your opinion on layout and fashion.

Red- OPINIONATED: You are confident and passionate about your opinions. You love a good debate. As a result, you may be a welcome disruption during work sessions. On the other hand, you questioned the theme choice, the cover color, etc.

Blue- ELECTRIC: You are social, fun and energetic. People look to you when they need a break to have fun. You are the cruise director of the yearbook staff and know how to celebrate.

Orange- WISE: You have experience, knowledge, and good judgment. People seek out your advice and help on homework, relationships and software. When you’re around, everyone is confident there are solutions.

Yellow- OPTIMISTIC: You’re hopeful and confident about the successful outcome of most anything. You can view computers crashing as a learning experience. The staff looks to your when things are not going well.

Brown or Purple- DOWNTOEARTH: You’re very traditional and level-headed. You like to adhere to established standards. You are constantly straightening up the room and organizing files. You have given all the computers names for easy reference.