The ties that bind: Get to know your staff


Say goodbye to summer and hello to yearbook! As we head back to the classroom, this is an opportune time to get to know each other and start bonding as a staff. Connect with these fun, simple activities:

  • Create goody bags for the first day or week. Have editors personalize the bags with staffers’ names and stuff them with cheap school supplies and candy.
  • Embrace your goofy sides. Ask staffers to share an obsession, idiosyncrasy or surprising fact. Take turns with the reveals or write them down and have the staff guess who they belong to.
  • Make speedy connections. Using the speed dating format, pair up veteran staffers with new ones. Have the veteran ask the newbie a fun yearbook or personal question. Every 30 seconds have the newbies switch seats, until they’ve talked with each veteran. The next time, let the newbies ask the questions and have the oldies switch seats.

Still looking for fun ideas? Here’s a list of 40 ice breakers by Graham Knoxe that will encourage working together, integrate new members into the staff and create a happy, fun atmosphere. Have a blast bonding with your new staff!