These students know how to create great yearbooks

Quill and Scroll announced the winners of its 2014 Yearbook Excellence Contest recognizing the best in high school yearbook publishing. Students from nine Balfour schools received awards for their work as contributors or staff members of a student yearbook.

One sweepstakes winner is awarded for each division, in two school size categories. The sweepstakes winners receive a special plaque in recognition of their achievement.

All winners receive a National Award Gold Key and are eligible, as seniors, to apply for one of the Edward J. Nell Memorial scholarships or George and Ophelia Gallup awards.

Winners from Balfour schools are:

Shawnee Mission North High School
Overland Park, Kansas
Becky Tate, adviser

Sweepstakes winners: Joe Roubinek (Headline Writing & Design), Savannah Rattanavong (Sports), Ellen Honas (Academics and Clubs/Organizations), Andrew Nevins (Index and Caption Writing)

Gold Key winners: Andrew Nevins (Theme Development and Clubs/Organizations and Student Life), Joe Roubinek (Headline Writing & Design), Kathy Hammer (Headline Writing & Design), Abby Sostarich (Advertising), Tori Collene (Academic Photo), Kale Williams (Academic Photo), Kelsie Sneegas (Clubs/Organizations Photo)

Texas High School
Texarkana, Texas
Rebecca Potter, adviser

Sweepstakes winner: Michelle Madrid (People)

Gold Key winners: Rachel Qualls (Sports), Morgan Williams (Personality Profiles), Mary-Stewart Shores (People), Chandler Thomas (Student Life), Kelsi Brinkmeyer (Personality Profiles)

McKinney High School
McKinney, Texas
Lori Oglesbee, adviser

Sweepstakes winner: Amelia Kinsinger (Student Life)

Gold Key winners: Claire Embry (Sports), Lauren Anderson (Academics), Brittany Stout, (Sports), Lauren Frazier (Index), Sydney Sabetpour (Student Life), Giovanni Sabala (Clubs/Organizations Photo), Kendra Murphy (Feature Photo), Lauren Frazier (Advertising)

Shawnee Mission East High School
Prairie Village, Kansas
Dow Tate, adviser

Gold Key winners: Audrey Dickens (Photo Illustration), Afton Apodaca (People), Maxx Lamb (Student Life Photo)

Jersey Village High School
Houston, Texas
Margie Comstock, adviser

Gold Key winners: Matt DuBose (Feature Photo), Kayla Torres (Clubs/Organizations)
Emily Ngo (Clubs/Organizations Photo), Natassha Arreola (Sports Action Photo)

Sedona Red Rock High School
Sedona, Arizona
Maureen Barton, adviser

Gold Key winners: Elise McClain (Theme Development), Shamina Thode (Photo Illustration), Christian Vergara (Clubs/Organizations), Valerie Luycky (Headline Writing & Design), Lilly Davis (Sports), Aviva Tannin (Academics), Elodie Arbogast (Academics), Sarah Rice (Personality Profiles), Ashley Sutherland (Personality Profiles), Nicholas Malmgren (Student Life)

Waimea High School
Waimea, Hawaii
Wendi Russell, adviser

Gold Key winner: Rmani Niau-Hart (Sports Action Photo)

Resurrection High School
Chicago, Illinois
Jennifer Boyle, adviser

Gold Key winner: Marilyn Markech (Theme Development)

Minnehaha Academy
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Reid Westrem, adviser

Gold Key winners: Will Anema (Student Life Photo), Meena Morar (Academic Photo), Ben Gifford (Photo Illustration), Alex Lindberg (Sports Action Photo)

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