Yearbook: the ultimate summer camp

Playbook snapshot
If you haven’t already, now is the time to plan to take your staff to a summer yearbook workshop. Attending training in the summer not only gives the students a jump start on the book, it also teaches them how to work as a team and solidify as a unit.

Some of the best memories as a student and an adviser are made during yearbook camp. Memorial High School’s Yearbook Adviser Holly Hartman believes attending a summer camp gives the staff a place to focus without the distractions of their daily school life.

Balfour Adviser Academy
In addition, consider attending an adviser seminar (like Balfour’s Adviser Academy) that gives you the opportunity to meet other advisers, learn new techniques, and improve your program. You’ll get to meet, learn and exchange ideas with an exciting group of experts.

There are also opportunities for you and your staff to attend a workshop in your area. Balfour offers student workshops all across the nation. For a complete list of Balfour summer yearbook and technology training events, click here. We’d love to see you at one!