Whose business is it?


Oops. You’ve inherited a staff straight from the movie “Mean Girls.” Now, what? The yearbook classroom should be run like a business. Students are learning valuable life skills and job responsibilities, so running the program in a professional way teaches students how to interact (and not be a bully) once they leave school and enter the workforce.

From the first day of school, create a well-defined educational environment in the yearbook room. There are three kinds of “business” on the yearbook staff.

1) my business
2) your business
3) yearbook business

Tell staff members, “If it isn’t your business, stay out of it. If it is yearbook business, it is discussed in the yearbook room and stays here.” No altercations between yearbook staff members, editors and staff, adviser and staff, etc. will be broadcast to the school.

If established at the beginning of the year, clear ground rules provide a fun and professional environment, eliminating discord and stress.