Picture-Perfect Pages: Mastering the Art of Yearbook Portraits!


Welcome to another Tuesday Tip!

When yearbooks are delivered, the first page parents and students flip to is often in the portrait section. A yearbook is a historical document, and hopefully, everyone who attended or worked at the school is included. Ensuring accuracy and comprehensive inclusion are important to a great publication.

Taking the time to review the portrait database after the portraits are uploaded is always a good idea. Check the name spellings and grades for all entries. If you want to make a change to the database, simply double click on the photo, make the desired changes, and then click save.

You can also check for inclusion by comparing a list from your school registrar with the uploaded portraits. If a student has bought a book, but does not have a photo, consider taking a photo of them and uploading it to the portrait database by clicking on the green circle with the white plus sign. 



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