It’s Time to Recruit for the Future of Yearbook!


Welcome to another Tuesday Tip!

It’s time to spread the word about the yearbook staff’s search for future members! Sometimes, all it takes is an invitation to spark interest.

To get started, you can connect with freshmen and sophomore teachers and ask them to recommend all-star students for the yearbook staff. Approach these students and congratulate them for being recommended for the yearbook team! :star2:


Another idea is to create an invitation to a yearbook meeting along with a small gift like a pen and notebook. (For Balfour gear, access Studio Balfour, click Build a Book, and choose Order/Download Supplies). :gift:

You could also publicize the meeting through various channels, such as social media, posters, and a school-wide video announcement to get the most bang for your buck. If you hold the meeting in the yearbook meeting space, consider the allure of snacks or lunch for the ever-hungry teenagers to get the best turnout. :pizza::cup_with_straw:


Organize the informative meeting to delve into the details of being on the yearbook staff. Emphasize the diverse roles needed for the perfect yearbook staff, including charismatic interviewers, event-capturing photographers, writers, tech-savvy individuals, page designers, leaders, and motivators. Most importantly, seek out students with positive attitudes and strong work ethics.

Engage your editors to speak and recruit during the meeting. Showcase Encore and this year’s project, highlighting that students are the driving force behind this initiative, and others can be part of it. If possible, schedule the meeting before students submit schedule requests for the next school year. :spiral_calendar_pad: 


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