5 states in 5 days: Celebrating yearbook from coast-to-coast

When our marketing team realized 2017 marks the thirtieth anniversary of National Yearbook Week, we knew we had to do something big. Unlike other national days meant to celebrate foods or silly hats, National Yearbook Week has some real history behind it.

In 1987, President Ronald Reagan signed a declaration to officially designate the first full week of October as National Yearbook Week. Reagan acknowledged in his declaration, “School yearbooks not only chronicle educational achievement and school tradition but are a part of them.” We couldn’t agree more.

Yearbooks, even with the influx of digital technology and communication, are still relevant to students today.  There’s just something that ties you to a yearbook that cannot fully be captured in any other form.

We knew yearbooks were important to us, but we wanted to find out what students felt about them in other parts of the country, so we sent Amanda Reynolds, our Consumer Marketing Manager, on a week-long, cross-country mission to celebrate yearbook with staffs across the country. Coupling Amanda’s passion for yearbook (she was a high school and college editor, turned yearbook rep), and her passion for travel (she’s been known to travel to Europe in just a backpack), we put her on a different plane every day traveling from Texas to California, Ohio, Tennessee and Florida. Check out to recap of each day by watching the videos below.

October 2: California

October 3: Ohio

October 4: Tennessee

October 5: Florida

October 6: Texas


Watch the recap of National Yearbook Week!


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