Add Thematic Coverage Throughout your Yearbook

TT- Theme relatated photos

Sometimes, in the rush of finishing the book, the theme can be forgotten, but it is essential to carry the theme throughout the book.

The title, opening, section division pages, closing pages, and endsheets often include theme-related photos and copy. These are great places to showcase your theme and how it relates to this year. But you can also sprinkle your theme on the other pages too. Think of your theme as your favorite seasoning; add a little on every spread.

Look for activities, photo opportunities, and stories that illustrate your theme. Cover these events. Gather photos and stories that support your theme.

Photos: If your theme is ‘Closer,’ look for photos of kids studying a book together, sitting right next to each other looking at the same computer monitor, and athletes in a huddle before a play. Go through your photos and find the ones that support your theme.

Designs: Repeat your theme-related headline designs and graphics on your spreads. You don’t have to design every headline and module – go back to the designs you love, copy them, and paste them on a new page. Or save them as templates in the Encore library. To give them a fresh look, left-click and drag your mouse to select the designs, and right-click and flip them vertically, horizontally, or both. Encore makes it easy!

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Copy: Use synonyms for your theme in the headlines. Tell stories that illustrate your theme. Again, if your theme is 'Closer,' write a story about the school musical that brought together the choir, theater, band, orchestra, and dance departments. Use your theme words in the story. Consider highlighting those words with text effects or color to make them stand out.

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