Amp up distribution


There's nothing like a stack of yearbook boxes to bring a staff to a shrieking frenzy. Take that excitement and pass it on. Here are some helpful suggestions:

Share the love.

-Display flyers about distribution day around the school. 
-Utilize the marquee and announcements to remind students. 
-Post a notice on the school website. 
-Record a phone message for parents and send an email about the delivery day. 
-Show sneak peeks of photos and spreads on social media.

Be prepared.

-Find a safe place to store the books.
-Have a preview for the staff before distribution. Use that time to have a mini-celebration and check for potential issues.
-Have an updated order list ready.
-Insert an order form for next year's book into every copy of this year's book with a special "early bird" price.
-Save a few books to replace damaged books or missing orders.


Bonus tip: Have a "What to do" information sheet ready for students who think they've bought a book, but aren't on your sales list.

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