Balfour’s Great Shot Photo Contest has Begun!



Balfour’s Great Shot Contest has begun! Assignment: Freeze the Action or Expressions

Dig through your photos and find your best action and expression shots.

  1. Look for candids – photos of people fully engaged in activities. Look for moments when you caught someone full of emotion. Did you capture that perfect moment when they won…. or lost? That moment when your headline writer learns that she won District at the Academic UIL contest. A baseball player sliding safely into third. The catcher tagging the runner out at home. A ninth grader sailing over the bar in her first pole vault contest.

  2. Then look at the backgrounds. Is her dad beaming in the background? Is the scoreboard or a cheering crowd in the background? The best photos tell a story and a meaningful background is often the deciding factor behind first and second place.

  3. The center of interest in the photo is probably a person – make sure you have both of their eyes and one ear in the shot. You want all the emotion in perfect focus. Consider cropping it so the center of interest is placed off-center using the rule of thirds.

  4. Find the photos with beautiful light. Photos taken just before sunset or right after sunrise may have that beautiful light. If your perfect photo was taken inside or at night, make sure it has the correct exposure.


Enter the Great Shot Contest by tagging us on Instagram @BalfourYearbooks and using the hashtag #BalfourGreatShot between April 4 and May 3. Three winners in each category.

For more information, check out our flyer. We can't wait to see your photos!


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