Boost Productivity Before the Deadline: The Art of the Post-It Party


When the final deadline is less than two weeks away, it’s time to prepare for a Post-It Party. Grab a pack of post-its, your favorite pen, and start editing pages. Every time you discover a need, write it on a separate post-it.


iStock-159011406 (1)

On each post-it include:

  1. the page number
  2. a specific description of what you need
  3. Instructions for when you have it.

For example:

  1. Page 3
  2. A casual pretty portrait of Mrs. Campbell
  3. Upload the portrait to Encore, tag it ‘Admin’

When you have a stack of post-its with specific things you need, several people can help you at once.

If the deadline is Friday, start the Post-it party on Monday. Walk into class with your stack of post its. Start with a positive speech about how great the book looks; build them up and get them excited that the end is near. Then explain to the class that time is running out, and we need just a few more things to make the last pages awesome. Show them the stack of post-its and tell them these are the last things we need for the book. Pass them out and send the class out. Tell them as they come back in the room to follow number 3 and then come back to you with the post-it. Tell the students: Do NOT throw them away. Bring them back to you or your editor.

If Mrs. Campbell was off campus, put that post-it note on the bottom of the pile and try again tomorrow. If she was there, ask the student if they uploaded the portrait to Encore and tagged it Admin. If the answer is yes, take the post-it and stick to the side of your monitor or the table near you. Give the student another post-it if time allows.

During class, offer suggestions, encouragement, and keep passing out post-its. Celebrate every win. After class, go into Encore and place Mrs. Campbell’s portrait, insert quotes, and everything else the staff brought back. 

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