Colophon – Let’s be clear


Colophon (ˈkäləfən,-ˌfän) Still can’t pronounce it? That’s OK. Click here, then click on the speaker. More important, what is a colophon and what does it do?

A colophon is a statement at the end of a book, providing details about its authorship (the staff) and printing.

One yearbook staff subdivided their colophon into four segments: yerd stuff (complete production details); techie stuff (cameras, computers, scanner, printer); artsy stuff (fonts, color palettes & graphics) and sentimental stuff (acknowledgments).

In addition to that “stuff,” many books include policies regarding book sales, portraits, ads, group shots, sensitive issues (death), etc. The cost of the book and ads plus sales statistics may also be included. This is especially important for staffs that initiated an innovative marketing and sales campaign.

If your yearbook was entered in state, regional or national competitions, the colophon is the place to record those accolades. Staffs often use these pages for staff listings/pictures and editors’ notes.

On that note, avoid making the editor’s notes a collection of inside jokes. Instead talk about the significance of the theme and or the process of arriving at the concept. Explain how the staff overcame obstacles (weather events, computer crashes, etc.) Remember, it is not a place to vent; it is a vehicle to explain the evolution of the book.

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Learn more here. Happy detailing.

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