Divide Remaining Spreads by Week to Ensure a Stress-Free Yearbook Finish



We are approaching an important time of the year, and it’s time to focus on finishing your yearbook pages with the support of Balfour! Take a moment to ensure you’re on track by revisiting your book’s deadline – consult your representative or log into Studio Balfour and click on the Summary tab for the exact date.

Here’s a helpful tip: divide the remaining weeks by the number of spreads and work on completing a set number each week. This approach ensures steady progress, preventing errors and the need for overwhelming last-minute efforts.


As you finalize your pages, pay close attention to flagged errors and warnings. In Encore, access the open book icon on the right when working on a spread and click ‘Check for Errors.’ Address empty or small text boxes by deleting or resizing them. If faces appear in the gutter, double-click on the photo and use the arrow keys to reposition them. Exercise caution when placing text near the gutter or outside suggested margins, as these areas might be subject to trimming during printing. The blue line is the suggested margin. The red line is the trim line where the pages will be cut.

Another helpful tip: In Encore, the arrow tool can select both the photo box and the photo within it. A single click chooses the box for easy movement or resizing, while a double click selects the photo inside. For photos with substantial backgrounds, such as bleachers, grass, or sky, double-click and then click and hold one of the corners to enlarge your central focus. Adjust the photo within the box as needed.

Once your staff member completes editing a spread, signify its completion by clicking on the square with the check mark. This action prevents further edits by other Encore users, indicating that you’re the last to review it. Use the airplane icon to submit your pages to Balfour when ready.

Remember, our dedicated Representatives and Account Executives are here to support you; they are industry-leading yearbook experts passionate about helping our customers succeed. Reach out whenever you need assistance!



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