Congratulations to our Great Shot winners!

We are excited to announce the winners of our Spring 2018 Great Shot Photo Contest. This year's contest included the categories Colors and Performances as well as a K-8 category. Honorable mentions were selected in each category as well. Our People's Choice Awards winners were selected based on voting.


1st Place - “Rewrite the Stars” by Kaitlyn G. – Texas High School ($500)FIRST_Kaitlyn G_Texas HS

2nd Place - “Painted Face” by Carla W. – The John Cooper School ($250)

SECOND_Carla W_The John Cooper School

3rd Place - “The Jar” by Charlie R. – Dixie Collins High School ($100)

THIRD_Charlie R_Dixie Hollins HS

Honorable Mention (pictured clockwise from top left):

“Dance with Dad” by Andrew R. – Hartfield Academy
“In Plain Sight” by Simon S. – Hastings High School
“Homecoming Lights” by Catherine C. – Roane County High School
“Pink” by Angela V. – Texas High School
“#pinkoutselfie” by Sarah L. – West Monroe High School
“Urban Nature” by Karina P. – Holy Trinity Episcopal AcademyHonorableColors


1st Place - “The Greatest Star” by Felicity S. – Cedar Park High School ($500)
FIRST_Felicity S_Cedar Park HS

2nd Place - “Back Stage Burns” by Kaitlyn G. – Texas High School ($250)
SECOND_Kaitlyn G_Texas HS


3rd Place - “Setting the Scene” by Brianna B. – Dickinson High School ($100)THIRD_Hayley B_Dickinson HS

Honorable Mention (pictured clockwise from top left):

"Black Out" by Kayle P.  – Brenham High School
“It’s Thriller Night” by Sarah-Ann A. – Foster High School
“JV Jazz Spotlight” by Aina O. – Frazee High School
“Side to Side” by Liberty V. – Johnson High School
“Homecoming Showdown” by Jennifer N. – Kerr High School
“Despacito” by Kaitlyn G. – Texas High SchoolPerformances_HM


1st Place - “Waiting for the Game to Start” by Elyse H. – Garcia-Enriquez Middle School ($300)


2nd Place - “Colors of Art” by Krista M. – Upper Bucks Christian School ($100)

SECOND_Krista M_Upper Bucks Christian Sch

Honorable Mention (pictured clockwise from top left):

“Hispanic Heritage Parade” by Julie G. – Dowling Elementary School
“Service Blanket Project” by Kathrina G. – Eisenhower Elementary School
“Cheesin’ for Cheer” by Jill S. – Hartfield Academy
“A Sky Full of Colors” by Anh N. – Katy Junior High School
“Get Ready” by Jason A. – Running Brushy Middle School
“Dancing Lights” by Jason A. – Running Brushy Middle School

PEOPLE’S CHOICE Awards (Based on online voting)

“White Christmas Wishes” by Julie G. – Dowling Elementary School ($50)
“School Spirit” by Kristofer S. – Magnolia High School ($50)
“The Right Pitch” by Kevin C. – Slaton High School ($50)PeopleChoice

Congratulations to all our winners! Follow us on Facebook for news of our next photo contest.

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