Crowdsource your yearbook with EZPix Events!

Balfour's EZPix events can help with more than just portrait collection. We've expanded our unique EZPix tool for requesting event-specific photos from your school community!

Since the August 2020 launch of the EZPix Portraits, the yearbook industry's first crowdsourcing portrait solution, Balfour has helped schools request more than 50,000+ school pictures! With so much uncertainty about picture day, that's a lot more smiling faces than many schools expected to see in their 2021 yearbooks!

EZPix has now expanded to support event photo requests, giving yearbook staffs an easy (pun intended) way to target the right audience for collecting event pictures for the yearbook. 

The process is simple:

  1. Import a list of your students, with emails (or use your existing list)
    2. Send an EZPix Events eMarketing campaign for specific photos
    3. Photos that are shared are automatically uploaded into your yearbook project*

The key to EZPix Events is asking specific students or parents for specific pictures you know they are more likely to have. While an open call for photos may be effective for some schools, this targeted approach is showing early success. 

Adviser Tools

  • Customized eMarketing templates to automate event photo requests
  • Ability to send request to only the students who participated in specific events you need.
  • Photos automatically added to myYear/Encore projects, and downloadable for those schools using BalfourTools or StudioWorks+.

Parents Tools

  • Custom and secure link to upload event pictures
  • Easy photo upload from desktop or mobile device; no app to download
  • Add captions and student names during upload 
  • Unlimited photo uploads
  • Photo resolution check for image quality and compatibility

EZPix Events provides an innovative solution to crowdsourcing, and can be supplemented along with Balfour's ImageShare app or the EZPix Web link.

Learn more about EZPix Events in our knowledge base.

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your yearbook representative.

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