Deadline Dilemmas: Ensuring a Smooth Yearbook Submission


Tip: You never really finish editing a yearbook. There’s always one more thing you could do, but the deadline is here, and at some point, you just have to stop editing and submit your book. You have to accept that this is the best you could have done with the time and resources available.

When the deadline arrives, you have to let the small stuff go. A misplaced comma or inconsistent font size will not get you in trouble or cost you money to fix. Please don’t hold your book after the deadline for these issues.

Instead of sweating the small stuff, consider these questions before you submit your book.

  1. Did you double-check the facts? Verify all name spellings, student grade levels, job titles, and statistics before publishing. Are the big things right? Did we get the sports statistics right? The teacher who’s retiring this year – did we get her number of years of service right?

  2. Your state’s privacy guidelines. Did you double-check the index and portrait section to make sure students who are not supposed to be in the book are in fact not in the book?

  3. Have you reviewed every senior quote? Did you review any controversial issues in your book? Things to think twice about are different for every community, but they may include political messages, secret messages, senior quotes, dress codes, and adult themes in photos. Is Uncle Bob holding a beer in the background of that photo? Is a student wearing a t-shirt they would not be allowed to wear to class? The yearbook should be a joy for all students. Is there a caption or photo that might embarrass a student? Also, keep in mind that all the text in a yearbook is for everyone. This means no secret sayings only the volleyball team will understand.

So verify the big stuff, let the little stuff go, and congratulations on finishing your book and meeting your deadline! This is a BIG DEAL, and you deserve a round of applause. 

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