It’s never too late to recruit staffers

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With an abrupt change in schooling, staffs missed out on a full recruiting season. But really, it’s never too late to recruit for yearbook.

Yes, it’s the end of June and school is less than two months away for most of us. But that doesn’t mean we can’t strategically search for additional yearbook candidates.

Put the word out there.

Utilize social media to spread the word that you’re still seeking staffers. Play up the benefits of joining: food, fun, creativity, meeting new people. Staffers will learn real world skills (like problem solving and time management), and eat their weight in pizza. Another angle to play up: making history. More than ever, it’s clear how important yearbooks are. Emphasize to potential staffers they can be part of history, helping tell the story of the year. It’s an epic opportunity they shouldn’t miss.

In addition to social media announcements, if you haven’t distributed books, you have a golden opportunity to reach hundreds of potential staffers. Add a join yearbook insert into each book, with info on how to apply or reach the staff.

Recruiting_Anderson CountyAnderson County High School staff used social media and a Google form for applications.

Ask for help.

The “it takes a village” adage works for yearbook too. Ask your current staffers (and recent grads) to think about potential staffers. Better yet, have each staffer reach out to two to five students that would be good fit. No one can sell yearbook better than a staffer who’s been part of the magic. There’s also an incentive for staffers to find new recruits. Additional staffers means more people to divvy up the work and that makes life easier for everyone.

Don’t forget to utilize other teachers too. Ask around for possible candidates. English and art teachers are a good place to start, but don’t be afraid to query your entire faculty. You’d be surprised how many recommendations you’ll get that way.  

Be open to “virtual” staff members.

The uncertainty of the coming school year means we need to be flexible. While the scenarios range from school to school, it’s possible your classes will be virtual at some point in the year. Consider allowing students to join yearbook without being in the actual class. You could have an entire second staff, composed of virtual yearbook staffers. At the least, these students could submit photos and gather quotes. A Saturday webinar or recorded videos could teach virtual staffers basics of interviewing, design and story writing if you wanted more in-depth help.

It’s a challenging year ahead and we should rethink who is part of the yearbook staff. It’ll need to be a schoolwide effort this year.

Bonus! We’ve created a top 10 list of reasons to join yearbook. Use the video in your recruiting efforts. Watch it here and download a copy on StudioBalfour under Build A Book>Order/Download Supplies). Happy recruiting!


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